Friday, September 26, 2008

This beautiful old gaming table is also in the twin bedroom. When we moved here from NY, the movers did an incredable job with all of our "treasures", but sadly the leg of this table was broken. One of the movers repaired it with Gorilla Glue and made an awful mess. But it is still beautiful, just a little shop worn.
This is the twin bedroom. The headboard is a huge antique piece of stained glass that I bought from an English pub that was being demolished, and brought home with me. It was a wonderful pub, that had so many friends and good laughs attached to it, so this old window brings back memories

This is the little iron canopy bed in the garden room. This room adjoins the full room, and they become a suite. The nice thing about this room is it is all windows over looking the gardens. In the summer it is just lovely.

This is the full guest bedroom. Bill and I just put up the Thibaut wall paper. It took his entire week of vacation to finish it. I will never again wall paper a room, that is a job for professionals, but it did turn out nice!

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